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Old Urn ICT

Hand Whittled Cedar Tree Keepsake (color and size vary)

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the Hand Whittled Cedar Tree Keepsakes are made from a real cedar tree and that is why color and size vary. 

each keepsake Measures between 1" 1/2  to 3" wide 

each keepsake Measures between 2" to 4" tall 

Keepsake Urns have a plastic plug. Do not install the plastic plug until the urn is ready to be sealed. Use a flat putty knife or flat screwdriver to remove the plug. Max Capacity 2 cubic inches per single keepsake urn. Please check the disclaimers at the bottom of our home page for more information. 

2 pack includes 2 keepsakes 

4 pack includes 4 keepsakes 

8 pack includes 8 keepsakes 

Allow 24 to 48 hours for processing. 


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