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Additional Disclaimers

All products are made with real cedar wood.

All lids for the urns are inlaid and sealed on the bottom of the urn. You will need a #2 phillips screwdriver or drill to remove the lid. The top of the urns are sealed and not removable.

Keepsake Urns have a plastic plug. Do not install the plastic plug until the urn is ready to be sealed. Use a flat putty knife or flat screwdriver to remove the plug.

Free burlap sack pre-installed in Traditional Urns, Tree Urns, and Family Urns.

All urns are very rustic and can deviate from color, woodgrain, and texture; therefore they will have a slightly different color outcome after finishing.

If you should have any other questions, please feel free to contact Owen. Email

Be careful while handling due to cedar wood can cause splinters or cuts on your hands we are not liable for any injury due to mishandling of urns. Please handle with care.

All sales are Final.